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Becoming self-sufficient, adopting best practices, progressing pragmatically: many reasons why our customers are satisfied...



Becoming self-sufficient, adopting best practices, progressing pragmatically: many reasons why our customers are satisfied...


Who are we?

Since its foundation in 2010, MESCLADO has supported media transformation for major accounts such as Orange, France Télévisions, ARTE, Ericsson, etc.

This experience allows us today to offer you an efficient and innovative approach for the use of video in digital marketing (shop, blog, social networks).

Our approach: Making you self-sufficient

Do it yourself! You must produce and publish videos without using internal resources (marketing team) or external resources (agency, marketing firm). We guide you from the specific marketing action plan to the implementation of methods that are specific to you for filming, putting online, etc.

We remain at our your disposal

Producing for you? We can do the job if you need!


What people say about us?

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"The growth of our community is a key topic. François supports the contributors in order to propose a daily offer on the social networks and the PASSADOC blog. In 6 months, we have reached 450,000 views on our Facebook page".




J'aime Paris

"A production company made a promo video with a drone. The marketing team loves it! Thanks to MESCLADO, we have learned to tell other stories at almost no cost and by involving teams, partners and clients. This is a virtuous circle!"

Nicolas - J'aime Paris


Our services


Review and plan your project together:

  • Inventory (marketing elements already in place, customer feedback)
  • Objectives (reputation, turnover)
  • Digital action plan (campaigns, productions, etc.)

You benefit from advice and references (material, white papers, etc.) to make you self-sufficient. You have the keys to grow your marketing yourself.

  • This can be done in a very short time-frame. Book your slot directly online.


Working on one of your specific project:

You have a specific objective (event, launch of a new product or service, etc.) and you need to "do more". We define together the digital action plan then follow it. You choose our level of contribution, from pure coaching to full immersion in your project.

You reduce risks and achieve your goals in less time!


Coaching over time:

The guidance and follow-up of an external consultant can be sufficient to complete your project on time with a minimum level of risk.

The mission can also complement your actions, including assistance on production or publication.



Follow our training modules on digital marketing! We specialize in video :

  • Remote (e-learning) or on site
  • Inter or intra-company
  • In French or English (other languages are possible)
  • Standard or tailor-made training modules

Contact us to discuss your objectives and needs.



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...whether with an agency, a marketing team or directly with the entrepreneur

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Each project is unique, each solution simple; MESCLADO calls on other freelancers as needed while guaranteeing the result

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22 years of experience in digital video, Digital early-adopters with over 18 years of experience


Our values

MESCLADO par Gloria Rodenas



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