Media Technology Professionals meeting up in Stockholm with SMPTE

Scandinavia Media Technology professionals are meeting up in Stockholm (Sweden) on 6th December.

François Abbe (Mesclado) speaks at SMPTE Nordic Section about IMF (Interoperable Master Format),


SMPTE Nordic Section Meeting Invitation


Sveriges Television, Stockholm


December 6th, 2018 @ 15:30




SMPTE has the pleasure of inviting you to an exciting Nordic Section meeting on December 6th!   

With generous support from Sveriges Television, we will not only have the TV-house ”Showroom” in Oxenstiernsgatan 26-34 at our disposal, but will also be treated to a tour of their facilities.  Mesclado, Vimond Media Solutions, and Net Insight also contribute with expert presentations and refreshments!


Program: We have created an exciting lineup of presentations in a program that will start at approximately 16:00:

  • Welcome and opening remarks (Barbara Lange, SMPTE + Hanna Laurentz, Net Insight)
  • Efficient versioning for film and series thanks to IMF (Francois Abbe, SMPTE & Mesclado)
  • Working with ST-2110 in Real-World Applications (Paul Macklin, Vimond + Alexander Sandström, Net Insight)
  • Nordic Section information (Eivind Sandstrand, NCE Media)
  • SVT Facilities tour (Adde Granberg, SVT)
  • Social Hour & Networking (Generously supported by Net Insight)

Attendance is free; SMPTE membership is not required, but is always encouraged.  Please register  in advance: 


Speakers and Presenters:






Adde Granberg

CTO, Sveriges Television

Francois Abbe

President & Founder, MESCLADO and SMPTE Governor


Paul Macklin

Sales Engineer, Vimond Media Solutions

Alexander Sandström

Marketing and Product Leader, Net Insight





Barbara Lange

Managing Director, SMPTE

Hanna Laurentz

VP Marketing & Corporate Communications, Net Insight


Eivind Sandstrand

Business Development Manager, NCE Media



Event details:

  • Date & Time: December 6th, 2018, Time: 15:30 – 18:00
  • Location: SVT TV-house ”Showroom/Visningssal”.  Oxenstiernsgatan 26-34, 115 27 Stockholm, Sweden



  • Doors open at 15:30, program start at approximately 16:00
  • Welcome - Barbara Lange & Hanna Laurentz
  • Efficient versioning for film and series thanks to IMF - Francois Abbe
    • IMF (Interoperable Master Format) work started in 2011 in SMPTE.
    • We now have a series of standards, a wider adoption throughout the industries, also stemming from the collaboration with the UK-based Digital Production Partnership (UK)
    • Major broadcasters are already announcing the adoption of the “IMF for Broadcast and Online specification, also known as “SMPTE TSP 2121:2018 IMF Application ProRes (DPP)”, into their workflows
    • In this session, attendees will learn from Francois Abbe how IMF increases efficiency in post-production, distribution, broadcast, OTT and VOD.
  • Working with ST-2110 in Real-World Applications - Alexander Sandström and Paul Macklin
    • As video production increasingly moves to IP and cloud computing, it is imperative for all "links" in the supply chain to be familiar with and adhere to the newly adopted standards for video over IP.  
    • ST-2110 is in actuality an entire "suite" of important specifications, and this session will also elaborate on the evolution from the original EBU/VSF roadmap and efforts with 2022-6/2022-7, via TR-04/TR-03, into ST2110 and its current and developing substandards.
    • Sandström and Macklin will also discuss principles of switching routes in IP and controlling and ensuring interoperability with the AMWA NMOS IS-04, IS-05 and IS-06 standards.
  • SMPTE Nordic Section information - Eivind Sandstrand
    • Quick introduction to NCE Media and our work to revive the SMPTE Nordic Section
    • Open discussion with ideas for future meetings, goals, topics for presentations, resources, etc.
  • SVT Facilities Tour
    • Adde Granberg will lead the attendees on a quick tour of the SVT facilities, answering questions along the way
  • Social Hour & Networking
  • We will enjoy some snacks and beverages provided by Net Insight while we chat and make new acquaintances
  • End approximately 18:00

Registration (free): 

Organizer contact: Eivind Sandstrand ( / +47 91913623), SMPTE Nordic Section Secretary/Treasurer.




With thanks to our Supporters:











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