Media Systems Evolution

  • Media Technology Professionals meeting up in Stockholm with SMPTE

    Scandinavia Media Technology professionals are meeting up in Stockholm (Sweden) on 6th December.

    François Abbe (Mesclado) speaks at SMPTE Nordic Section about IMF (Interoperable Master Format),

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  • François Abbe restarts the Mesclado brand

    After 15 months with Qvest Media, going back to my roots in the consulting area! I wish all the best to my former colleagues at Qvest Media. Thank you all!

    François Abbe

  • Mesclado team led by François Abbe joins Qvest Media France

    Cologne, March 21, 2017: Qvest Media, a leading systems architect for broadcasting and media technology, is continuing to grow. With effect from 1 March 2017, the team of the French consultancy firm Mesclado (, led by its founder François Abbe, will become part of Qvest Media. Under the leadership of François Abbe, Qvest Media will operate from a newly opened office in Paris. Qvest Media is therefore setting the course for the expansion of its business activities in France and the Benelux countries. Mesclado will cease its business operations after a transfer period.

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  • How can we ease the delivery of masters?

    It’s not simple to see the light when technology is going through such profound changes. The trigger? More complex technology, across entire organizations working in silos. Also, many ageing systems need replacing. People are seeking the “Holy Grail” model for ROI, in fields such as Media Asset Management. And with more and more solutions looking for problems to solve, end clients are confused (UHD vs. HD, VR, OTT, “add your acronym here!”).

    And yet we’re facing large-scale challenges. In our niche B2B video market, there is a lack of feedback on what works and what doesn’t at the global level (many barely know about their closest neighbour, who is often a competitor). Time and resources are becoming scarcer (to run projects and provide business intelligence). The silo set-up typical of large organizations provides poor visibility across the board despite the opportunities to add more value! Not to forget the time pressure to deliver we’re all facing.

    Some media groups are fighting for their survival. And many are fighting to adapt to technological breakthroughs. This fight often underestimates the natural reluctance to change. Let’s face it: it has to do more with people than technology itself. How many have really identified risks and opportunities within their organization.

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  • Welcome to NAB in Fabulous Las Vegas

    Authors: Asma Jenhani, Sandrine Hamon, François Abbe with contributions from colleagues and friends.

    What you need to know in 60 seconds

    Good news: the media & entertainment technology market is booming,
    with a record attendance at NAB (over 100,000 registered)! But can the market really sustain that growth? One euro saved on operations is one euro invested in key differentiators, such as programmes.
    Look at HD: first TV channels in Europe in 2006, superseded by UHD today. Who can afford to start over every 10 years? Ultra HD (UHD), High Dynamic Range (HDR), Virtual Reality (VR), etc. are getting more real but how much business does it mean to investors?

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