Paris 2024 Olympics: opportunities for the TV industry

The City of Paris and France are in the running for the organisation of the 2024 Olympic Games. Seine-Saint-Denis is an important bid partner with several sites planned to host the events, including the Media Village, which will concentrate the dedicated technical resources made available to professionals from around the world.  On this occasion, we propose in the context of Screen4All and UltraHday an afternoon of conferences which will be centered at the same time on a feedback of experiences on the recent sporting events of the last months, by taking the focus of the technological innovation and we will make a review the present and the future of Ultra High Definition.

Euro 2016, Olympic Games, Roland Garros, ... The sport continues its developments in Ultra High Definition. For the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, Japan plans to capture the main sports in 8K. This conference will review the present and propose a forward-looking vision for the coming years on content production and distribution.

SCREEN4ALL FORUM / OCTOBER 14th, 2016 / 14H30-16H30

L’Usine 379 avenue du Président Wilson 93210 La Plaine Saint-Denis

UltraHDay V3.0


2 days/60 speakers/16 conferences/2 networking lunches/360 Film Festival



François Abbe (Mesclado)

14h30 : Introduction

14h35 : Plans for Paris 2024 Olympics and the Media industries in Seine-Saint-Denis

  • Quick overview of the Olympic project: the venues, the Media Village site at Le Bourget
  • Importance of the Digital Multimedia sector in Seine-Saint-Denis: main figures




14h45: standards, evolution towards UHD, HDR for sports, HFR, …

  • UHD Standard Update
  • Encoding and Broadcasting in 4K
  • Back to the HDR and HFR (High Frame Rate) tests


BCOM / Ludo Noblet

DOLBY / Anaïs Libolt

ATEME / Jérôme Vieron


15h35: feedback from summer sporting events and future

  • Report on the Euro 2016 UHD captures, and Olympic Games
  • The first UHD channels in France and abroad


AMP / François Valadoux

FFT / Christophe Chatain

FRANCE TELEVISIONS / Matthieu Parmentier

SONY / Fabien Pisano

TF1 / Yves Bouillon

TV sport Olympics Paris

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