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Conseil et coaching en VIDEO pour le marketing digital

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What do clients think about our Training Services?

"This is the first truly professional training I have attended in my 10 year career. A training by the pros, for the pros, with high-level speakers, capable of instantly answering concrete questions..."

TD, Technical Supervisor of an International Major

"A very instructive training, which leaves a real place for exchanges between the participants."

BE, Production Engineer of an international animation studio





What are the latest projects online?

Passadoc graphiques site et reseaux sociaux mars17


Marketing plan set up and development including events, blog and social networks (mainly Facebook, Instagram and YouTube)


Who are we?



Founded in 2010 by François Abbe, Mesclado is a team of video consultants.

For 22 years in professional video, François started in England as an R&D engineer, then marketing product manager in TV technology. In 2005, he became an architect and independent consultant, then launched the start-up MESCLADO where he combined innovation, strategy and HR. MESCLADO supports the modernisation of the media business. Its references include media (Canal+, Orange, France Télévisions, ARTE, RTBF, etc.), service providers and sports federations.

MESCLADO has expertise across the entire audiovisual value chain, from capture to distribution. This know-how makes it possible to privilege the interoperability of systems and to be a key and consensual interlocutor with professionals.

The company has a team of proven partners.

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Why bet on Video for Digital Marketing ?

Because video is highly efficient compared to text or photo. But they are tricks to achieve efficiency and MESCLADO is here to unleash it!






Digital Video Marketing - Media Transformation Consulting
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